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Have you ever looked out at the sky and wondered if there was more to our existence? Or perhaps you are one of those that only sees and believes in what is precisely 10 feet ahead of him? Have you ever had the opportunity to tell a woma

n that you truly love her and really meant it? Not just through song and word, but through something deeper. Something that can not be seen with the human eye, but still felt on and under your partner’s skin. Have you ever helped someone in need? A stranger perhaps? Not just through generous offerings of financial bearing, but taking the time to sit down and asking how he or she was feeling on that particular day? Have you ever jumped into your automobile and taken a ride to no where? Where there doesn’t have to be a destination because you simply aren’t looking for one. Where you just inhale life and every single one of its magnificent sights in motion. Have you ever gone to the beach to feel what the sand is like? Planting your feet firmly within the ground and just letting go? Closing your eyes and tapping into that deeper outside energy source that most either aren’t aware of, or refuse to believe exists… It does….
Have you ever just taken a chance? Truly letting go with no safety net to catch you if you fall? Having an undying faith in someone that means so much to you, that you forgot
how you even existed before he or she came into your life?
Have you ever believed in something better? A better world perhaps? Where death is an honor to experience and disease plays no part in it. A place where the worlds evils can’t survive and love and trust is all we know.

That is a place that knows no pain, and that is where I want to go…

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