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Please don’t cry. I just can’t handle it… The truth is, seeing those tears running down the side of your face can be entirely too overwhelming for me. Believe me when I tell you that I suffer from the strongest case of empathy “never” documented, let me try & explain….God changed me in one day, & now I feel things in ways others just don’t. So when you hurt, I hurt. I feel all of your pain under my skin & at times the overbearingness of it all, seems as if it could even break me, along with my delicate heart. This gift, or curse, is something I have learned to live with, & I refuse to give it back, fearing of becoming the person I once was. Now, I only face forward. Please tell me… What can I say or do to take away your pain? How can I possibly make this better? Do I stay here & simply have you cry on my shoulder? Can I hug you? I can cry with you if you need me to. Just give it to me. I’ll take in all your sadness & I’ll survive it. We both will, I promise you…

I’ve been down this road before & I know how hard your life was. How hard it still is. I know all about your past. I know about how he touched you in ways that he shouldn’t have. You were just a child & your innocence was stolen from you. I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you from that, I’m sorry your mother didn’t believe you when you cried to her, & I’m just as sorry that evils like that exist in our world. I also know what happened to you a few years ago. That night you decided to drink too much, & your girlfriends left you alone at that party. I know what he did to you…

What were you really expecting me to say? That I feel differently now? That somehow through your life’s terrible turbulences I’m supposed to judge you, & look down upon you? Are you somehow less of a woman now because of what happened to you? You couldn’t be more wrong about me, & if you truly feel that way, then you never really took the time to get to know the man that I am. The same man, that my father helped create. Throughout all your pain, throughout all your shortcomings, throughout all times you wished you just didn’t exist. I’m here to tell you something…


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3 Responses to “You Deserve To Be Loved”

  1. Giovanna October 21, 2011

    …yet another powerful piece of writing! So raw and original…your ability to elicit an emotional response from your reader is impressive. Thank you for sharing. ;-)

    • Mr. North
      Mr. North October 21, 2011

      Thank You so very much on your kind words!

  2. Gabem7
    Gabem7 December 5, 2011

    Very powerful piece. My family is victim to childhood rape and molestation. It changes and destroys lives if people don’t stand by one another. One moment in time can redefine a life, a family’s future. I must give much of myself to restore what was broken and what innocence was stolen. Love, Empathy, Forgiveness and Patience are very powerful tools against the unforgettable acts of another. Sometimes I can let it go peacefully. Then there are times I am in a dark place wanting to bring pain to the person who would hurt my family so. Then the question “why would my family hurt their own?” The answer may never come or matter. The healing must take precedence.

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